Xơ Virgin

1.4D*38mm Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber

Item: Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber Color: white
Grade Virgin MOQ: 1*40HQ, 22Tons
Load port Cat Lai, VietNam Package: Bales
Application: Filling Material or Nonwoven  Shipment: Immediately

Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber 1.4D*38mm

Item Unit Result
Tenacity cn/dtex > 6.0
Elongation %< 22.0+/-4
Linear Density Deviation %+/- 5
Length Deviation %+/- 6
Over-Length Fiber %< 0.5
MissCut Fibre mg/100g< 0.6
Blob (abnormal fiber) mg/100g< 0.5
Crimp No./cm 4-6
Shrinkage %< 6 +/-2 (180ºC)
Oil pickup % 0. 08—0. 15




  • Yarn Spinning---Polyester fiber can spin 8S-50S ring spun, open end 100% polyester yarn or mixed with other materials for blended yarn
  • Needle punched Non-woven fabric---widly use in quilt, winter cloth, sleeping bags, car fabrics etc our recycled polyester staple fiber gives good streangth to this needle punch fabrics.
  • Filling--- one of the major application of recycled polyester staple fiber is used for filling materials in pillows, sofas, toys etc. Our fibers provide more firmness and give a good reboundance for cushions, pillows and sofas and soft toys.
  • Automotive interior--- cost effectiveness and long life, create good feeling and finish to the car
  • Geotextiles--- Performance of geotextile is commonly termed “durability” when it is used to making roads, pools and used in constructions. due to the good strengthern of our recycled solid non siliconsied fiber, the fabric’s durability could be increased and give us a long life
  • Filtration--- polyester staple fiber is used for air filtration, water filtration and oil filtration sectors. cheaper and hygienic to us